System Installs

& Plumbing

Whether it be a completely new system, plumbing a backwash valve or installing a new pump or motor, it can be done. We understand the occasional break and are more than happy to assist you in any install.



Our Pros recommend to have your filters cleaned, whether it be a cartridge or grid filter,  every 6 months. If dirt or debris is cycled back into your pool, then you know its time for a cleaning.



Like other types of pool filters, sand filters need maintenance. It is recommended that every 3-6 years you replace the old sand in your filter with new bags. As the sand in your filter ages, it also smooths out the once jagged edges. This allows dirt and other debris particles to pass right through the sand and back into your pool. 


Calcium buildup occurs in most pools no matter what methods you may use to prevent it. You can usually notice the calcium built up as a chalky white line, or haze, across your pool tiles. Our equipment will remove the calcium residue without causing harm or damage to your tiles. We only use environmentally friendly, pet and plant safe products during this process.


Extensive staining can occur on pools due to the hard water found in Arizona and algae growth. Without proper pool maintenance, this can then cause staining. Acid washes will remove the stains on your pool's surface. It is usually best to leave this to the professionals to avoid injury.



  • Serviced weekly

  • Water chemistry balance and testing

  • Vacuuming when needed 

  • Brushing the sides and steps of the pool

  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets 

  • Backwash as needed

  • Checking to make sure that all the equipment — such as the timer and pump — are working efficiently

  • Cleaning salt cells when required for salt water pools



If your pool has been left unused or uncleaned for a matter of time, you may have seen that algae has infested your once clear pool. Sometimes when chemicals alone cannot turn a pool back to normal, a chlorine wash can. This process will remove and kill the algae that is living on the surface.



Don't worry if you don't see your needed work listed above. You can still give us a call or email to inquire about other pool work that you may be looking for.

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